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Surface development and engineering From concept to fully finished solutions
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Case Studies

Cultural Archiving - Cuneiform


We were asked to support a major museum with some cultural archiving work. This involved the scanning of a cuneiform. The Cuneiform as over 3000 years old and was extremely delicate. The process of Optical scanning lends itself to this type of work as it is totally non-contact and non-invasive.

We are completely mobile which is essential in projects like this allowing us to attend the client’s site.

Equipment used

White Light Structured optical scanner.


The cuneiform was prepared by the museum staff and presented to get the best from the scanning. To provide the best possible results we used target markers placed around, but not on the cuneiform. This is not totally necessary as we can scan without the use of target markers.

The cuneiform was scanned from a number of angles allowing us to fully capture the full form and detail.

Once the scan data had been captured it was post processed into complete set of scan data ready for release.


The deliverable was an .stl file. This would allow the client to either get the file 3D printed or view the full data set in CAD form. 


In this instance we were able to procure and supply the client with a 3D printed replica taken directly from the scan data. The client used this and the full process as described above to review and understand the options they have with regard to sharing data with other institutions around the world, as well as explore and commercial opportunites with regard to offering replicas.

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