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Surface development and engineering From concept to fully finished solutions
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Case Studies

Automotive Technical 'A' class surfacing


As with virtually all Automotive design work we cannot advertise the work we do however, below is a project we worked on a client as a test.

We were asked by a new Japanese client to potentially support them with automotive technical ‘A’ class surfacing. This work was sent to a number of European suppliers to see who might be best placed to support the client. We were supplied with sectional data through the part of the vehicle required for surfacing. We were also given some control instructions allowing us to make sure we met the client’s in house surfacing standards.

Equipment used

Icem Surf – Professional surface modelling software.


Automotive technical ‘A’ class surfacing is the process the automotive industry use to define the shape of the vehicle on all visual parts, both interior and exterior. The control of shape and form is of the highest quality with a focus on curvature flow and match and at the same time in keeping with the original concept. All ‘A’ class surfacing activities must also take into account the vehicle package and any supplied manufacturing and craftsmanship detailing and guidance.

All ‘A’ class surfacing should be approached on this basis. In general the Automotive industry only use two pieces if software for this work, these being Icem Surf or Alias. Icem Surf in general is the most common.

We are experienced in ‘A’ class surfacing using Icem Surf and we used it for this project. The use of this software was also a pre-requisite of the client.

The surfaces were laid out in a logical pattern using Bezier surfaces of the minimum order and as large as possible to capture the true nature of the shape without losing any detail or form. As with any ‘A’ class surface model the prime focus is on curvature flow following the initial instructions and engineering demands.


The deliverable was a high quality, symmetrical surface model of the rear end of the vehicle. The data set was supplied in a native Icem Surf format to avoid any file transfer issues.


The work performed was of the highest quality and won praise from the client and subsequently gained SurfDev the follow on support / service work.

The client has gone on in the long term to become a regular partner of SurfDev, colleague and friend.

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