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Surface development and engineering From concept to fully finished solutions
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Jun 29, 2015

SurfDev get that world champion feeling

SurfDev’s class leading 3D Scanning, design and reverse engineering process in combination with our client’s extensive boat building heritage and expertise has successfully conceived a world cup winning sailing yacht.


SurfDev played a vital role in the design and development of the new Finn class yacht that won the Gold medal at the ISAF sailing World Cup Weymouth 2015 by utilising their unique combination of class leading 3D scanning equipment and “A” class surface modelling and design expertise.

Last summer SurfDev accurately 3D scanned Ben Ainslie’s Finn class yacht, nicknamed “Rita”, which earned him numerous Olympic gold medals with recent success at the 2012 London games. 


The process began by fully 3D scanning “Rita”. The scan data was then combined with digital versions of the Finn class section templates, which define the regulations for the boat’s hull shape. The client provided realms of knowledge and theories on how they felt the boat’s shape should be to produce a more efficient world class leading yacht. SurfDev then set about making the changes to best combine the optimal hull geometry whilst remaining within the regulation templates; pushing the design to the limit. The beauty of using ICEM Surf software for this kind of project is the freedom of shape manipulation allowing for fast flexible alterations; no other CAD package can offer the degrees of freeform shape control as ICEM Surf. 


Once the design had been perfected and checked by our client the CAD model was sent to a CNC specialist who machined the master plug. From the plug a master mould was created. The first few boats were then produced, inspected and the official Finn class measurers confirmed it adhered to the class regulations. 



The recent news from the ISAF sailing World Cup Weymouth 2015 of Giles Scotts’ domination in this new Finn class boat shows how dedication and experience can be combined to produce truly world class results. This mantra is true of SurfDev; combining decades of “A” class surfacing experience from the demanding automotive industry and cutting edge 3D scanning equipment provides a complete design service that is truly unique within the industry. 


“This was a perfect example of how our 3d scanning and design expertise are combined to produce truly world class results whilst also highlighting our capability of working through a complete project, from initial spark to a competitive product being produced.” Neale Williams, SurfDev Director.


SurfDev are the only UK independent service provider offering this high end level of service combining 3D scanning, photogrammerty and full 'A' class surfacing using Icem Surf.

All the core skills for 3D scanning, design, reverse engineering and inspection are fully embedded into the permanent team at SurfDev.


Call us now on 01621 744 900 or email us at to discuss your project needs. 

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