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Surface development and engineering From concept to fully finished solutions
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Case Studies

Medical Dummy


This is a demonstration piece we have in the studio. We use this to highlight the capabilities of the GOM scanner and Photgrammetry system we use.

The requirement is to capture the 20cm tall model in full detail and high resolution. Interestingly with this piece there are a lot of removable body parts and therefore we scanned all the parts in situ to fix their locations then scanned each individual body part alone so the complete model could be viewed as an assembly; able to add and remove each organ separately. As part of this demonstration we released the scan data with full colour texture.

Equipment used

GOM Atos 5Mp blue light scanner

GOM Tritop Photgrammetry

GOM professional software


For this project we use a combination of our GOM Atos 5Mp blue light scanner and the GOM Tritop Photgrammetry system. In this instance we choose our high resolution set of lenses. 

Using our Tritop photogrammetry we initially capture all the coded and un-coded markers placed on the subject and crucially at the same time capture colour images. The piece is then fully scanned with all the removable components in place. Once this has been completed we remove these pieces and carry out the scanning of originally hidden areas including the cavity and the removable pieces.



The scan data is then meshed into one complete set of scan data and then post processed. Part of the post processing includes projecting the colour photos, from the photogrammetry session, onto the completed high quality scan data.

The deliverable in this instance would be in the form of a .stl file, both greyscale and coloured mesh. 


This high quality data set could be used for manufacturing replicas at any size by using 3D printing or cnc machining. The release data could also be used for archiving, demonstration or educational purposes.


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