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Surface development and engineering From concept to fully finished solutions
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Case Studies

Plastic Injection Moulded Part Inspection


The client required a detailed inspection to be carried out on a complex injection moulded part to check the manufacturing process was producing accurate parts within tolerance. They specified a number of key dimensional checks that needed to be verified.

As part of the inspection process we were provided with the nominal design CAD model as reference for the inspection process. 

  Equipment used

GOM Atos 5Mp blue light scanner

GOM Tritop Photgrammetry

GOM professional software



This project utilised both our photogrammetry and 3D scanning equipment, along with the GOM professional software to produce the detailed inspection report. The full inspection process was carried out in our scanning studio and design office.

Initially we used the GOM Tritop photogrammetry system to provide a controlled, accurate, quantifiable scanning volume.

Using the captured Photgrammetry session as a reference we fully 3D scanned the component using our GOM Atos scanner. Despite the complexity of the part, with a number of small fixtures and clips, the scanner captured all the data to a high quality and accuracy.

The client supplied us with a full CAD model of the part, to which we were to compare the actual scan data.

Using the supplied CAD model from the client we aligned the scan data mesh to the CAD. From this the required dimensions and checks were then measured using the GOM professional inspection module within the software package.



The deliverable was a clear concise .pdf report detailing all the required dimensional checks that the client had specified. A surface colour deviation plot was produced to graphically highlight regions of high and low deviation between the CAD and scan data. 




The final dimensional analysis report provided the client with all necessary intelligence on the part and manufacturing process. This allowed the client to focus in on any apparent issues or confidently sign off the component.





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