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Surface development and engineering From concept to fully finished solutions
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Case Studies

SurfDev -

Provides high end 3D scannig and Design support to support clients ambitious plans for OEM quality aftermarket bespoke automotive parts.

The parts were designed on a colaborative basis with the client and manufacturer to provide the highest quality, most cost effective parts.

Using our full in house capability using the OEM preferred design software called Icem Surf and optical 3D scanning technology from GOM combined with years ofexperience allows us to deliver full OEM quality digital designs.






As this was the first time the client had opted to use the digital design process, We would like to thank them for taking a leap of faith in the process and commissioning the project

For the full case study follow the link below.

were asked by an exisitng client to support a prestigiuos project. This was to re-create at a larger scale the two famous lion sculptures at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire. 

There was one major hurdle. The two lions were never completed. SurfDev utilised all their skill sets including, design and engineering,  highly accurate and detailled 3D scanning as well working with a valued partner for digital sculpting. 


It would be fair to ay that our client took a leap of faith after we told them that we could do this 'no problem'.

However the final digital results bowled us all over. 

For the full story follow the link below.


SurfDev utilised 3D scan data from Ben Ainslie's Olympic yacht to redesign the Finn class to be even more successful. By using ICEM surf we were able to produce a world class design, taking its first major win at the ISAF sailing World Cup Weymouth 2015. 

Precise, full form Optical measurment and analysis of a plastic injection moulded part. This project demonstrates how our photogrammetry, 3D scanner and inspection software can be used to provide highly accurate geometric comparisons between a component and CAD model. 

"Rita" is the iconic Finn class dinghy used by Ben Ainslie in winning gold medals at Athens, Beijing and London Olympics. We have been asked to support the manufacture of a new Finn class dinghy by using Rita as a benchmark for the design work.




We were asked by a new Japanese client to potentially support them with automotive technical ‘A’ class surfacing. This work was sent to a number of European suppliers to see who might be best placed to support the client. We were supplied with sectional data through the part of the vehicle required for surfacing. We were also given some control instructions allowing us to make sure we met the client’s in house surfacing standards.

We were asked to support a major museum with some cultural archiving work. This involved the scanning of a cuneiform. The Cuneiform as over 3000 years old and was extremely delicate. The process of Optical scanning lends itself to this type of work as it is totally non-contact and non-invasive.

This is a demonstration piece we have in the studio. We use this to highlight the capabilities of the GOM scanner and Photgrammetry system we use.

The requirement is to capture the piece in full detail and high resolution. Interestingly with this piece there are a lot of removable pieces and therefore can be viewed as an assembly.

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