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Surface development and engineering From concept to fully finished solutions
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Our extensive experience in surface modelling and CAD design using Icem Surf, allows our clients to explore the boundaries of their design / styling and engineering requirements...



Reverse Engineering
Reverse Engineering

SurfDev use Icem Surf and GOM products, providing a full reverse engineering service, taking an existing product, re-creating it as close as possible to its original design intent...


3D Scanning
3D Scanning

By using industry leading 3D scanning equipment from GOM we are able to precisely measure and capture components of any size, shape or detail...



Inspection / Measurement
Inspection / Measurement

Using precise and reliable 3D scanning Non-contact measurement from GOM we can provide you with information that keeps you fully informed of your manufacturing capability and output...




Design -  3D Scanning - Reverse Engineering - Inspection / measurment

SurfDev provide a one stop resource, supported by our permanent in house team.

SurfDev provide a full 3D scanning and design service by combining our class-leading GOM ATOS scanner with our ICEM Surf CAD software. Our capabilities range from 3D scanning and reverse engineering applications through to highly accurate part inspection and manufacturing solutions. We are uniquely positioned to help you overcome any challenge.

Our team has over 30 years experience within the automotive design and engineering environment and over 12 years experience of 3D scanning and measurement.

We provide a bespoke service to clients both large and small in every sector. 


                               What is your challenge? 


                                              Whether it be 3D Scanning, Design / CAD modelling support,

                                                      Reverse Engineering or  Inspection / Measurement


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All in One Place

What do you need from your 3D Scanning and Design service? Our service covers pretty much all of the angles

High quality 3D Scanning

We own and use the GOM Atos range of 3D scanning equipment to provide: 

  • High-resolution scans
  • Quick data collection
  • Accurate 3D measurements
  • Advanced inspection functionality
  • Dimensional analysis


Consistent results

Our GOM Atos 3D scanning and Non-contact measurement equipment is:

  • Precise
  • Repeatable
  • Quantifiable
  • Reliable
  • Parametric




Innovative approach to design

We have years of design experience forged in the demanding automotive design studio environment. This combined with our GOM 3D scanning equipment allows us to provide a service by our permanent in house team which is unique in the UK.


Flexibility of delivery

We can offer a full turnkey service from concept through to fully finished solutions or we can provide you with a snapshot support from any part of our service menu. 





SurfDev have full in house capability with its permanent team of staff that can cover all your project requirements for Design, reverse engineering, 3D scanning and inspection. 




Technical Excellence

With the wealth of state of the art 3D scanning equipment and high end design software combined with years of  experience, SurfDev can not only offer you excellence in any deliverable but beyond that we are regularly called on to develop new processes to meet our clients challenging requirements.


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